Drama de Drummondville: “My girlfriend was not supposed to die”

Drame de Drummondville: «Ma blonde n’était pas supposée mourir»

DRUMMONDVILLE – The spouse of the woman found deceased in Drummondville on Monday decided to take the floor at the request of the latter to denounce the lack of support for people with mental health problems.

“I don’t know what happened, but all I know is that my girlfriend told me “if it ever happens to me, something, please, I want you to go see the media, and that you should say that I went to see the police, and, most importantly, at the national level, families need help.” My girlfriend was not supposed to die”, has launched Steve Girard in an interview with TVA News.

Mr. Girard said that his wife had visited the police station less than 24 hours before losing the life conditions in nebulae.

The son of the victim, 33-year-old, was to appear Tuesday afternoon to a charge of murder.

“When she saw that it was really more controllable… It’s been years that she wants to be care… She was at the police station […] It was on the panic, it didn’t work well”, detailed Mr. Girard.

“She explained that she was staying because her son had installed a big wooden plate on the wall on which he was doing the shooting at the knife. She told him that he could not do it and here it is in hysteria, it became crazy, she was scared.”

The man has repeated several times how his wife was “courageous” and that she wanted to “do well” by going to the police station.

“She’s gone, she went to the police station, she wanted to help. It would have been better that she is home, she calls 911 and says “I have the misery, come and see my son, I am in danger”. She wanted to do. It is a party, she might be afraid to stay there, the police arrive too late. It is a party, she went to see the police.”

“It was a jolly person, she was fine, everything a man could dream,” added Mr. Girard.

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