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Drama in Orlando: his car explodes on fire … with his two children inside

Tragedy in Orlando: his car explodes on fire... with his two children at home. inside


A Florida mom was shoplifting at a big box store when her car suddenly caught fire with her two children trapped inside.&nbsp ;

At least that's what the New York Post reported on this event. Alicia Moore, 24, had parked near the Dillard's store in a northeast suburb of Orlando, Florida. Her two young children were “not able to take care of themselves”, according to local police.

The young woman had first walked into a store with a man, who did not is not yet identified, and would have started stealing objects, always according to the police.

Almost an hour later, she found her car engulfed in a fire.

Fortunately, after the explosion, witnesses would have thrown themselves towards the place of the accident to help the children out of the vehicle. One of them suffered a first-degree burn to his face and ears, according to a police report.

The vehicle would have resulted in a total loss. The cause of the fire is still unclear.

Alicia Moore was arrested days after the incident and was charged with aggravated neglect of a child and arson , as well as simple theft and assault.

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