Drama in Saint-Apollinaire: concerned citizens are barring their doors or are deserting their home

Drame à Saint-Apollinaire: des citoyens inquiets barrent leurs portes ou désertent leur maison

After five days of intensive research to find the fugitive Martin Carpentier, some residents of the rang Saint-Lazare admit to “be afraid”, while others preferred to abandon their property, the time that there is an outcome.

Usually very quiet, the rang Saint-Lazare, Saint-Apollinaire, where the research focused on Monday, is very busy.

The back-and-forth of onlookers over the weekend has even prompted the Sûreté du Québec to take control of the situation.

The mother of a toddler of a year and a half, a resident of the rank has preferred to leave his home during the time that everything is quiet.

“I found that it was safer to abandon it”, explained Marie-Claude Lemay.

The sergente Ann Mathieu of the surete du Quebec has been accompanied by Marie-Claude Lemay, yesterday, to go in search of personal belongings in her home that she has “deserted” the time that everything returns to Saint-Apollinaire

Searching of personal belongings yesterday afternoon, Ms. Lemay said to be fearful of going home alone. It is, therefore, the sergente communications, Ann Mathieu, who has agreed to accompany the resident, the time to do the tour of the house.

More vigilant

Emy Campbell also confess to be more vigilant, especially since the discovery of the two girls.

“It doesn’t take luck, it is not known if he is armed,” says the lady. This last claims to block systematically the doors behind her.

“Even when I go in the garage, I bar the door behind me,” said the one who is reluctant to go out during the night.

It must be said that many owners of homes, cabins and maple rank are barring their doors. “I said to my neighbor : bar your doors this week,” says a resident.

After having spoken of a “national tragedy”, prime minister François Legault is back on the drama at the beginning of a press conference on the state of the pandemic in Quebec.

“If there are those who are, as we say in good quebecois, “to life”, well in advance of bullshit, call them and ask for help, there is no shame to seek support”, has he supported, after being told it was “shocked” by the death of Romy and Norah Carpentier.

Psychological help

Knowing the situation is “particularly anxious” for the population, the municipality of Saint-Apollinaire has also put in place a service of psychological support in collaboration with the CLSC.

People can therefore get to the board room for support.

Citizens like Christine, so will go there if they wish. The lady of the rang Saint-Lazare was woken up in the night of Thursday by the police in the search, at this time, the girls and their father.

“It wakes you up wrong,” she said. In addition, Norah and Romy have been discovered at the end of her sugar bush. “This is a situation extremely stressful,” she says.

-With the collaboration of Vincent Larin, QMI Agency

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