Drank like a horse, and could not recover: neformalka saved Galic from O. TORVALD from irreparable

Пил, как лошадь, и не мог прийти в себя: неформалка спасла Галича из O. TORVALD от непоправимого

The group O. TORVALD presented two of the video, which tells one story: pain, frustration, searching, and then reunification and hope. As the guys gathered and what they did all year read on Avia.

Creative people have a life, swiftly and eagerly. And alas, also, it dries out rapidly when dried up the source. And then remains nothing how to go to the bottom, where there is little water and wet stones, as if reminding the creativeness, and so to exist for some time. And we think in moments like that it all – forever and never get up. But maybe that’s the solution?

Пил, как лошадь, и не мог прийти в себя: неформалка спасла Галича из O. TORVALD от непоправимого

So, we have two news and both are good. After a year of silence and the forced pause in show business are returning (though no rush) O. TORVALD. Secondly, they are coming back with two clips, both tell us, what did the musicians the whole year and what events happened in their lives.

“Two Zero One Visim”, the first single, which represent the guys in the audience and the beauty of it, primarily in that it plunges into the story literally from the first minute. Here is the revelation, the story of a pause, which the boys took in 2018 and what all this time was engaged. Despair and fell, rose and again found hope – and the video reflects this in detail.

Пил, как лошадь, и не мог прийти в себя: неформалка спасла Галича из O. TORVALD от непоправимого

“Our story is far from gloss, stability and cheap hype. She is sharp, nervous, passionate nature, breakdowns, screaming. This is the first releases after the summer break. Important releases. This year many things happened, I almost died, grown up life … we have changed the team, had made many important insights and all this has contributed to a new vector of O. TORVALD” – said O. TORVALD.

“Two Zero One Visim” hooked the audience a simple story about despair, which has experienced soloist Jack Galich – a track dedicated to his father and is the story of the loss of a loved one, about how literally knocks the ground from under the feet, and you fall to the very stones, breaking bottles on the wall, working in a seedy pub, but still do not lose hope. And one day – in the morning, or Vice versa, in the night, you come to the most familiar white car and takes you in another life – on the orbit with which you year ago went voluntarily to come back is quite another. Will come back stronger and kinder.

Пил, как лошадь, и не мог прийти в себя: неформалка спасла Галича из O. TORVALD от непоправимого

By the way, before moving on to the next clip, note the point – guys wear masks of monkeys, and in the middle of the road to him on the hood of the car sits a monkey. It is a reference to one of the most successful albums of O. TORVALD – “Primates”. It becomes clear that this clip Jack Galich and the guys not only “collect” the pieces and glue the new mirror, but remember the old peaks already conquered, but not less inviting.

If the first clip is a touching story, the second video from the group, presented a few hours later, looks like a real short film. Dynamic, with an interesting plot that turns boys not only to musicians, but full-fledged actors, he becomes thereby a crescendo which is so successfully and rapidly teaches us about music.

The story of the clip is simple, but keeps a real sensation. Together, the guys take the money, hire a bus, disguise and go… no, not on tour, and in a very real prison, where not without problems to break the fragile girl. And here, viewers, you should not miss, because the girl drummer in Hebi is now a full-fledged member of the group and is responsible for the groove.

Пил, как лошадь, и не мог прийти в себя: неформалка спасла Галича из O. TORVALD от непоправимого

“I never thought I’d be working with a girl in a rock band, but it has become a symbol of the beginning of the new light bars for O. TORVALD. We happened to see her video on the Internet and the next hour of my life, I do not remember, because everything we do is watched how she masterfully destroys the drums. She is talented, energetic, fiery and not afraid to go beyond” – says Eugene Galich about the bold experiment.

The clip – it’s not even just post-apocalyptic blockbuster, this statement with the statement: “Hear, people? I’m here to stay!” from all group members. But it is interesting to pay attention to the details around the characters both of the clip – garbage dump, prison, ragged walls, in the funeral home. This is all rather gloomy, but Jack Galich says: “I want Viti s home notown” and we understand that in these images hide the pain, resentment, despair, haunt the heroes for years, until they ran in search of an exit.

And in the end, the solution was found. O. TORVALD and from the shadows come among us under the lights and spotlights, to re-ignite, barge in and be swift as the wind.

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