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Trends of the wedding season 2020

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Свадьба мечты: концептуально, красиво, креативно

Personality, style, creative rethinking of the traditions are the key Bridal trends of the season 2020. Still relevant classic, but increasingly wedding goes beyond the usual format.

Aristocratic Empire

The concept of wedding in the Empire style in one word can be defined as aristocratic. Solemn and magnificent, elegant and exquisitely implemented here is always relevant and popular classics.

Empire is France of the late 19th century, imitating ancient art and luxury of the Roman Empire and unites the pomp of architecture and decoration with the graceful simplicity of the costume.

Empire is a sophisticated feminine look of the bride. Flowing long dress of silk or chiffon, loose fitting, high-waisted, bare shoulders. Long hair picked up or braided and cascade down delicate strands, short – curled at the ends. In the hair – the tiara, the flowers, the ribbon. The bouquet of roses on short stems, decorated with beads, ribbons, in trend – total white bouquet tied with white ribbons. The perfect look for the groom, the dress coat of dark tones, sideburns.

Items and interior accessories: columns, consoles, sculptures, mirrors, crystal chandeliers, paintings in ornate gilt frames, flowers in the garden boxes. Furniture – heavy, curved, with massive curls. On the table – white tablecloths, high glasses and of course refined aristocratic dishes, champagne, pompous cake. The celebration is accompanied by live classical music performed by a string Quartet.

Location for weddings in the Empire style can be a spacious Banquet hall of the restaurant. But the most spectacular is the outdoor ceremony, to share experiences in catering Agency La Famiglia Catering. The style concept is ideal to recreate in a Palace with a Park, a country house or complex, in a tent in nature. And about Haute cuisine restaurant level professionals.

Romance is sebi-chic

Sentimental, salon, vintage, environmentally friendly and very creative – wedding-style shebi chic. The concept organically reveals one of the major wedding trends of the year is authenticity.

Shebi-chic translates to English as “shabby Shine”. The philosophy of this young style (introduced in 1980) – nostalgia for the cozy past. His faded, worn image emerges with yellowed black-and-white photos, glare in family China, disappears in the folds of my grandmother’s tablecloths and openwork pattern napkins…

Wedding shebi-chic is blurred pastel shades, matte surface with webs of cracks, floral or plaid print. Interior materials only natural: wood, wicker, straw, linen and cotton fabrics, porcelain. Floral without frills and glamour: roses and peonies on short stems or arrangement of wildflowers.

Свадьба мечты: концептуально, красиво, креативно

The atmospherics will add the little things – the cute little things that are interesting and enjoyable to consider: vases, clocks, boxes, cases, figurines, powder boxes, cigarette cases, various hand. Ideally, if the trinkets have their own story. Supreme chic style and trend – if history and pedigree have with engagement rings Bridal.

This setting will fit perfectly into “grandmother’s house in the village” – for intimate weddings. For larger possible to equip the barn with a Breakfast bar. If guests are expected very much, the best solution ceremony. This may be the forest or pastoral landscape: the endless sky, the chirping of birds, aroma of flowers, herbs on the tables and the arch of the newlyweds, the wind hits the flying dress of the bride, the sun’s rays play on the vintage watch chain in his waistcoat pocket of the groom… the Idyll is absolute if the holiday table not only fits the style, but also take into account the nuances of the Banquet in nature, notice La Famiglia Catering.

Techno – variations are possible

No pathos and romanticism, pragmatism and minimalism. It is a style of techno. Strict geometric lines, glass, metal, stone, plastic, different shades of gray, metallic, khaki, Burgundy or rust color in the decor. Futuristic lighting, glare from metal and glass. Light chairs with metal legs and a shapeless baggy puffs…

In General, techno interiors like office space. Therefore, the ideal location for this concept will be the loft, the pavilion of the exhibition complex. You can also equip an unfinished building or a room in an abandoned factory, hangar or warehouse (but in this case, you should take care in advance about the amenities for guests).

If you plan to do all respectable, the rough industrial background techno stylishly accentuates the gloss and elegance of wedding dresses will suit all except the Princess costume, but in any case it is not relevant for several years.

And maybe, well, its respectability? And make club rave party? Why not open up generation disco other “melodies and rhythms”? Everybody dance!

Kitsch – we’re having a wedding

More and more couples abandon the tradition and choose a non-standard format of the wedding. “As is customary”, “how”, “how have the other” – not argument, but such arguments can be, for example, good reason fun to beat cliches.

Свадьба мечты: концептуально, красиво, креативно

Kitsch – a new wedding concept of absolute fun, cynicism, mockery, irony and self-irony. The closest point of kitsch wedding – wedding traditional. To beat all: the ritual, the attributes, traditions, prejudices. Mocking attitude to the event underlined the ironic fictional video love stories Bridal, edible cartoons – you can have a mother-in-law or to season with mustard mother-in-law, and to warm up, you can make a humorous staged a fight… the Main thing – to be funny to everyone.

The concept of a tasteful

Whatever the concept you choose, its sequel will always be menu, and the masters of catering organically introduce gastronomy in a wedding show. In the trend – bet on the activity of guests and the natural? Add flash mobs to dance and laser show cooking station, and a charismatic chef will entertain the guests of the master class. And then the wedding will be not just conceptual, but also delicious. In all senses.

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