Drew Brees is the target of Donald Trump

Drew Brees est la cible de Donald Trump

After being confused in apology for having said to have trouble with people who did not respect the american flag, the quarterback of the Saints New Orleans Drew Brees has been criticized by the president, Donald Trump himself to be returned to his position on Friday.

“I’m a big fan of Drew Brees. It is really one of the greatest quarterbacks, but he would not have had to go back on its position with regard to compliance with our beautiful american flag. […] We should keep straight and tall, ideally with a salute or a hand over the heart. There are things about which we may protest, but not our great american flag – NO KNEE on THE GROUND,” wrote the president of the United States on Twitter.

Since he has been criticized, Thursday, the opinion of Brees on the subject has changed a lot, so much so that the veteran responded to Trump saying that the flag was not the problem at the origin of the first events organized by the ex-quarterback Colin Kaepernick in 2017, but that it was hiding a problem all the greater.

“[The protests] have never been compared to the flag. We cannot use it to redirect the attention or distract from the real issues facing the black community. We did this in 2017, and unfortunately I left the debate with my comments this week,” said Brees.

“We need to be aware of the problems, identify solutions and take action. The black community cannot succeed alone. Everyone must participate”, he continued.

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