Drinks for better sleep

Des breuvages pour mieux dormir

Interested in the virtues of ayurvedic medicine and the author of a blog that is very popular in English, Healthy Little Vittles, the American Gina Fontana offers 50 recipes for plant-based to promote a good night’s sleep in his new book, Milk of the moon. Recently translated into French and published at Éditions de l’homme, the book offers amazing insights and… soothing.

But what is the “milk of the moon” ? It is a drink inspired by an old ayurvedic tradition, the indian medicine traditional who knows a craze in the West for a few years. The milk moon is a milk plant hot infused of herbs and spices, to drink a few minutes before going to bed.


Gina Fontana has completely changed his diet after receiving a diagnosis of celiac disease and thyroid disease, in 2013.

“I felt bad all my life “, does he / she share in the interview. “My parents made me meet with several doctors and specialists to try to find out what was happening. It remained without answers. It made me very frustrated but I had to live with it. After my studies, I underwent the removal of half the thyroid gland. I started to get interested in foods that I ingérais. I even did a fasting without meat, no sugar, no dairy for 21 days. I have prayed for a return to health. “

When she started to eat normally, her symptoms have returned : fatigue, bloating, joint pain, headaches. “It was awful. I realized that it was definitely connected to my diet. “She cut gluten. “The improvement was immediate. “

Hot milk

Gina Fontana began to speak of these changes in a blog and was gradually interested in the milk of the moon. “It is a modern term that has become very popular on Instagram, but at the base it is a warm milk, which serves to calm the system before going to bed. It brings a comfort. For example, lavender and chamomile, I added in some recipes, have soothing properties for the body, mind and spirit. “

“Many people are told by their grandmother that a warm milk helped her to fall asleep… but it is also a principle ayurvedic millennium. I wanted to go there, and make the milks moon accessible to people who cannot take dairy products or are lactose intolerant. They can be replaced by milk of plants or nuts. “

These drinks really help to fall asleep ? “Yes, I think so ! A lot of people have sent me messages to confirm. These drinks quench the spirit. I know that if I have a hard time to calm down a flood of thoughts, I make myself a milk of the moon, I then put my phone away, and I fall asleep much more quickly. “

His website : healtylittlevittles.com

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