Drivers are told how much you can drive without running the generator

Водителям рассказали, сколько можно проехать при неработающем генераторе

What you need to take.

By and large, doesn’t matter what happened, the main thing as far as possible to drive with an inoperative generator, reports the with reference to

So, the battery no longer receive current from the generator. What driver in this case, and how to hold on to the house or drive as far as possible.

The first thing to disable in the car all unnecessary appliances. With the exception of size, if the movement is at night. In winter, the stove should be put on low, but it shut down not to be. It is still unknown how it will end. To sit in a cold car the same not the best way. Optimum speed of 60 kilometers per hour. The revs hold up better in the region of 1500. You should not stop. The largest load on the battery occurs while the rotation starter.

According to statistics, it is considered that the drive battery can be of the order of 100 kilometers. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account all the circumstances the failure of the alternator.


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