Drone: from the canadian border to Minneapolis

Drone: de la frontière canadienne à Minneapolis

A uav Predator B (CBP 104) that monitors usually the canada-u.s. border has been deployed over Minneapolis at the request of a federal agency not identified, was recognized by the Department of customs and border protection of the United States.

His ability to be in flight up to 21 hours on this unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sophisticated an ideal instrument to monitor the protests and riots in Minneapolis. It enables police forces to better deploy their workforce in response to the evolution of the situation. Has cameras high precision, it can record the scenes of looting and other crimes that might be committed by demonstrators… or by the police.

The Predator drone returned to its base, Grand Forks, North Dakota following its first monitoring mission. He flew over Minneapolis at 20,000 feet altitude, according to Jason Paladino, the Project on Government Oversight.

With the deterioration of the situation across the United States, the drones could be called upon to monitor other cities that are affected by disturbances in the wake of the murder of the Afro-American George Floyd.

The Predator B used by the CIA to hunt down and kill terrorists around the world. In defiance of international law, Washington has used drones to eliminate people considered to be threats to the security of the United States other than in war zones. These air attacks have actually killed hundreds of terrorists, but also thousands of innocent civilians, “collateral damage”.

This is just another indication of the militarization increasing of the police in the United States. The Pentagon has provided free police equipment military surplus. This program has been in the headlines in 2014 when the forces of the order of Ferguson, Missouri have used armoured vehicles to quell riots caused by the death of Michael Brown, another Black killed by the police.

Barack Obama had put an end to transfers of military equipment to municipal police officers to alleviate tension between the police and racial minorities. He said the equipment used on the fields of battle should not be a tool of the criminal justice system american.

Trump has cancelled the order of Obama in 2017, allowing new municipal police officers to receive equipment from the Pentagon. Among other things, armored vehicles, tracked, rocket-propelled grenades, automatic weapons and heavy ammunition of caliber .50 or more have been provided to the police forces. Approximately $ 25 million of military equipment have been transferred to the police service of Minnesota.

Next step, so that the disturbances have spread to dozens of cities, the army is preparing to intervene directly. According to the Associated Press, the Pentagon took the rare measure of putting in a state of alert several military police units so that they are ready to deploy at a few hours notice.

It is Trump himself, who has asked secretary of Defense Mark Esper, of military options to help to suppress the disorders in Minneapolis.

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