Drought and heat waves: two times more claims of farmers

Sécheresse et canicules: deux fois plus de demandes d'indemnisation d'agriculteurs

The drought that has raged since may in Quebec and heat waves that have marked the last few weeks have put a strain on the farmers

As of the date of 7 July, la Financière agricole had received 2395 notice of damages on the part of farmers, she announced Tuesday.

In comparison, 1066 notice had been received at the same date in 2019, and 1307 in 2018.

The organization has already paid, to this day, nearly $ 2.4 million in compensation payments to farmers that it provides.

Already struggling with the pandemic of COVID-19 which has disrupted the arrival of foreign workers, the farmers have also had to deal with an unpredictable weather. On the one hand, the cold weather has continued for longer than usual in the spring, before giving way suddenly to the heat and heatwaves, which affected in turn the growth of plants.

For example, the drought has led to a “water deficit persistent” that prevented the corn plants to take advantage of the heat developing in the last few weeks, noted the Financière agricole, in its report, bi-weekly. The lack of water has also harmed the hay production, resulting in yields lower than normal.

The data accumulated by the organization show that up to nearly 150 mm of rain in less have fallen in some regions of Quebec, since the 1st of April, compared to the average precipitation from 1981 to 2010.

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