Drowning in the rising: the distractions involved

Noyade en hausse: les distractions mises en cause

The 27e week national drowning prevention began in a rather dark so that two people drowned on Sunday.

The lifesaving Society estimates that there are 52 drownings this summer compared to 36 at this time last year.

Several factors are implicated, including the increase of bathers on the water bodies in the province, due to the nice weather.

“The Quebec stayed in Quebec, compared to previous years where they could go to stay on the south side, on the east coast of the u.s., or even in the Atlantic provinces,” says Mr. Hawkins.

Telework is not at rest and is also an important factor to explain the increase in drowning in children.

Also, a poll Allstate Canada found that Quebec’s two who owns a residential pool has the intention to telecommute this summer. Ten percent of them consider that their children can supervise themselves.

Thus, Raynald Hawkins, director general of the Society, called the parents to establish a schedule of bathing in order to reduce the risks.

Like the chauffeur appointed during an evening among friends, he suggested the adoption of a rescuer designated.

“87% of victims of drowning years earlier in young children [are attributed to] a lack of direct supervision or because there was a factor that could lead to the distraction,” says Raynald Hawkins.

The distractions are numerous around water bodies : cellular, tablets, novels and phone calls, among others. Telework can be added to this list, ” says Mr. Hawkins.

The principle of the lifeguard is designated thereby seeks to rectify this condition by entrusting this role to a parent. The latter would then be responsible for supervising the children during the period that he is assigned according to the schedule put in place.

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