Drowning: the research continues to Lambton

Noyade: les recherches se poursuivent à Lambton

Despite efforts by divers from the Sûreté du Québec, the body of the 17-year-old who was sunk in week-end in the waters of Grand lac Saint-François, Lambton, Estrie, is not found.

For a third consecutive day, the searches were unsuccessful.

The Sherbrooke of congolese origin was on a tube pulled by a boat and was not wearing a floatation jacket when he fell to the water in the afternoon, Sunday.

His relatives and friends followed at a distance the research, hoping that it is found in order to be able to undertake their grief.

According to the company, The Complex, The Source, who has rented the boat to the young man and his friends, the latter would have refused the life jackets, despite the insistence of the owner.

Donovan Nadeau mourns today the loss of a close friend.

For him, venturing into deep water without the necessary protection is simply inconceivable. The wearing of the life jacket, should have the force of law.

The residents of Grand lac Saint-François say they are affected by a similar tragedy involving a young victim. Some complain that too many people engage in water activities without wearing the floatation jacket.

According to the lifesaving Society of Quebec, 16 to 18 lives could be saved each year if all of the people who venture out on the water wearing a floatation jacket.

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