Drug trafficking in Chemin-Bas and shootings of December 13, 2020, five men in front of the Assize Court

Drug trafficking in Chemin-Bas and shootings of December 13, 2020, five men in front of the Assize Court

La victime, grièvement blessée, s’était réfugiée dans un immeuble de la rue Mas-Nègre. Midi Libre – C.R.

Un jeune homme avait été grièvement blessé par balles, le 13 décembre 2020, dans le quartier du Chemin-Bas-d’Avignon.

There were other shootings against a backdrop of drug trafficking and territorial war, and deaths at the Chemin Bas d’Avignon. But this one will have left its mark.

A seriously injured young man

This Sunday, December 13, 2020, in the morning, around 11 a.m., the scene was filmed by local residents, and these videos will be widely distributed. We see masked men, dressed in black and armed (machine guns and automatic pistols), parading in one of the streets of the neighborhood, firing shots into the air. A Beaucairois; pursued by the thugs, he takes refuge in the stairwell of a building, located rue Max-Nègre. He was seriously injured by bullets. His vital prognosis will be compromised. He survived and explained that he had come to see a friend. Or that he was attacked by three hooded men dressed in black who asked him who he worked for.

That day, local residents were shopping in the shops and found themselves at the heart of this shooting. " I screamed so much… I was afraid, testifies in Midi Libre, a fifty-year-old who took refuge in a store. " What was chilling was that they (the criminals: Editor's note) were so cold and cold ;total calm"

A Kalashnikov in the cold room

A suspect – Nasser El Khider – took refuge behind the butcher's shop, place Professor-Pierre-Daudet., and fled. He will be arrested by the police. A Kalashnikov is discovered in the cold room of the butcher's. The police also seize a black jacket and gloves. ;rsquo;Avenue De-Lattre-deTassigny, Rue Max-Nègre and Rue Bernard-Latzarus, investigators will find numerous cases of bullets (caliber 233 and 9 mm).

A turf war

For the police, this shooting is part of a turf war. The goal of the thugs was to get rid of competing sellers.

Five accused

Starting this Monday, June 17, five accused appear before the Gard Assize Court. Two of them, Redouan Bourich and Karim Boudouch, benefited from a partial dismissal – the attempted murder was not accepted – and are accused of participating in a repeat criminal association (1). They will be defended by Mes Baptiste Scherrer and Hugo Ferri. The other three accused – Nasser El Khider, Samuel Goua and Illiès Moussa are accused of attempted murder and participation in a criminal association. All denied their participation in this shooting.

(1) These two men will appear one week later before the Gard Assize Court for acts committed on January 25, 2021 in the Mas-de-Mingue district. Young Abedkader Safi, 17, seriously injured after a shooting, died from his injuries. I subscribe to read more

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