Drugs: “Everyone is trying to kill rock”

Drugs: “Everyone is trying to kill the rock»


A super group made up of members of Galaxie, Le Nombre and Papillon, Drogue is back with an album of six new songs, Zero trouble. The Diary spoke with vocalist Ludwig Wax about the band's first tour last year and the future of rock.

< strong>What was it like going on the road with all the musicians together?

“It was really trippy. I didn't know half of the team! Jean-Sébastien Chouinard, the guitar, and Pierre Fortin, the drummer, I didn't know them personally. And it was very pleasant to walk on the road with them. They really are truckers. They eat miles all year round. They are full-time, busy musicians. When cultural activities were able to resume at 100%, they became extremely busy. But in the summer of 2021, as it was open a bit halfway, we had time to do some Drugs until December. »

How did the meeting with the public go?

” It went well. At the beginning, we played in seated rooms [due to sanitary measures]. People weren't allowed to stand. But it worked to my advantage because I was walking around the room through people! I wanted to make them feel my presence and the power of our rock. After that, quietly, we started doing shows where people no longer had a mask. »

Has what you saw with the public proved to you that rock is not dead?

“Everyone is trying to kill rock. But unfortunately it doesn't work! Jack White continues to tour the world. The Black Keys too. And I imagine that when AC/DC dares to go on tour again, there are still millions of people who buy too expensive tickets to go see them. It is sure that rock does not die. It always comes back.

What does the title Zero Trouble refer to?

< p>“It means that despite all the pitfalls on our way – and there are several –, we keep a good positive attitude. We tell ourselves that zero trouble is always the best way to think. The problem is quickly behind us. »

Has it caused you any problems in the last few months to have the name Drug?

« No, not at all. The problem is rather to find us on the internet! [laughs] If you type “drug”, it’s a complex journey. You have to type “official drug”. »

♦ Drug's album, Zero Trouble, is currently available. Shows will take place at the Ministère, in Montreal, on October 29, as well as at the Anti de Québec, on November 25. For info: drogueofficiel.com.