Drugs, movies and the stage: the unknown facts about the life of Whitney Houston

The singer always wanted to be first, so this is the best

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Famous American singer Whitney Houston today, August 9, would have turned 56 years old. The star has gained popularity due to its amazing voice and outrageous behavior in society. Her song I Will Always Love You became the present hymn of love and an international hit. But not always did she have a relationship with men.

Today.Lifestyle has gathered little-known facts from the life of a star.

It all started with the fact that the producer has noticed Whitney Houston during a speech in one of the Nightclubs. He could not believe his eyes – a fragile girl, and the voice of 5 octaves. After that her career went up a prestigious award just fell on her and the geography of her performances constantly expanding.

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Whitney Houston had been sexually abused as a child from older sister

In the 1992 film “the Bodyguard” made her a star. For love of the singer and her bodyguard watched by millions. All women have dreamed of such love as in this tape about the same noble Prince.

Наркотики, кино и сцена: неизвестные факты из жизни Уитни Хьюстон

Frame from the movie “the Bodyguard”

Paradoxically, the Houston dreamed about exactly the same and always slept alone. To Huston woos first Hollywood handsome and she’s beautiful, successful and single.

“She is the most beautiful. I really wanted to marry her,” – admitted as-that actor Robert de Niro.

Once a friend of Whitney went to her concert and couldn’t believe it – she barely stood on her feet, and her voice trembled. What was the cause, or rather, who.

Big wedding, the guest list of 800 people and they all saw how she makes the biggest mistake of his life. The father of the singer and producer was against marriage with Bobby brown and not surprising. After all, she’s at the peak of fame, and he recorded only one album and a disastrous one. In addition, there were rumors that Bobby is a drug addict and kicker.

Наркотики, кино и сцена: неизвестные факты из жизни Уитни Хьюстон

Whitney Houston

After the wedding all the relative fears began to come true. Always collected Whitney now was simply not to know: she was late for concerts and rehearsals, and then did some were canceled. Under the influence of her husband, she became addicted to drugs.

However, the singer has always dreamed of becoming good wife and mother. Until everything changed another scandal. The neighbors even called the police and Bobby was arrested for causing bodily harm to his wife. After that, Whitney threw Bobby and will decide to stop doing drugs. At that time her daughter was seven years old.

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Husband Whitney Houston blames himself for the death of his daughter

Houston has recorded an album, after which she got her recognition and fame. Then a new movie role. And sharply, the singer did not. She was 48 years old. The mistakes of the past have left their mark. The cause of death was atherosclerosis and the usual sleeping pill. Houston drowned in a bathtub.

She died a couple of weeks before the award “Grammy”. Overnight he rewrote the entire script and was dedicated to her. Whitney came to say goodbye, people from all over the world and only one man left, without waiting for the end of the ceremony. It was Bobby brown. He resented the behavior of the guards that had pushed him and gave to talk to my daughter. The daughter could not forgive him, because he was happy in his new family.

Whitney Houston always wanted to be the first, and therefore the best. She lacked life.

Recall that Whitney Houston died in February 2012 in a hotel room Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles.

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Наркотики, кино и сцена: неизвестные факты из жизни Уитни Хьюстон

Наркотики, кино и сцена: неизвестные факты из жизни Уитни Хьюстон

Наркотики, кино и сцена: неизвестные факты из жизни Уитни Хьюстон


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