Drunk, she tears off a piece of her mother's arm with her teeth: a Gardoise sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment

Drunk, she tears off a piece of her mother's arm with her teeth: a Gardoise sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment

La procureure Véronique Compan a requis une peine mixte contre la mise en cause. C.S. – Midi Libre

La quadragénaire qui a comparu sous escorte policière au tribunal correctionnel de Nîmes mercredi 10 juillet a écopé d’une peine mixte de 18 mois d’emprisonnement, dont 8 ferme et 10 autres assortis d’un sursis probatoire.

This Wednesday, July 10, at the Nîmes criminal court, the last case of the morning stands out for several reasons. From the extreme violence of the alleged acts first of all, while the elegant 48-year-old defendant standing in the box appeared for & ;quot;aggravated violence" perpetrated on his own 79-year-old mother. But also, due to the particularly unique profile of this defendant who stands out during the hearing both by her social integration, her high level of studies, her income high or even its relatively elaborate language.

Frail, the victim recluse in a corner

On the evening of July 9, the police were called to intervene in Bagnols-sur-Cèze at the home of an elderly person. She, who is hosting her daughter for a few days, is recluse in a corner. Obviously seriously injured.

Alert by the grandson of this former teacher, the police then come to rescue a frail 79-year-old old lady, a priori victim of violence from her own daughter. A 49-year-old woman with a preppy appearance, present in the accommodation when they arrived, in a very advanced state of intoxication. In their report to the Nîmes public prosecutor's office, the police will mention, among other things, the numerous traces of blows and bruises suffered by the victim, including bruises on the face, or even the fact that' "a piece of this woman arm appears to have been eaten".

A bottle of champagne, another of rum

During the hearing before the criminal court, the septuagenarian victim is absent from the hearing. As if to avoid overwhelming her own child with her injuries, who is standing in the defendant's box between two police officers.

Questioned by President Perez, the accused forty-year-old, doctor in molecular genetics in one of the largest French laboratories, says, shamefully: "That evening, as I often did, I felt a feeling of oppression. I then bought and then secretly drank a whole bottle of champagne. But this feeling of oppression continued! I found and started drinking a bottle of rum until I felt threatened…hell. and then….I’lost my footing. And I don't remember anything! ".

Reading in turn the mother's testimony, the president continues: "That evening, my daughter who has been suffering for 10 years from An alcohol addiction began to insult me, reproach me, follow me around the apartment before grabbing me by the hair in the hallway. Unbalanced, I then fell to the ground. She then hit me all over and bit my arm, extremely hard!"

"I am a monster, who can continue to live after this ?", interrupts the girl, dejected. "On your mother's arm, a piece of flesh is missing, you can see it clearly in the photos", continues the president.

"On his arm, there is now a cavity!"

In her requisitions against this woman who claims to love her mother, prosecutor Compan requests a mixed sentence of 18 months in prison, ten of which are closed and eight others accompanied by a probationary suspension. " When the police arrived, the victim was marked everywhere, everywhere!! On her arm there is now a cavity", denounces the magistrate, then addressing the court :" Faced with such a surge of violence, his mother could have lost her life! It is urgent to put a complete stop to this addiction which could have been fatal to an 80 year old woman“.

At around 1:30 p.m., the defendant was sentenced to a mixed sentence of 18 months in prison, 10 of which were suspended with probation and 8 of which were firm without a warrant of committal. Having narrowly escaped incarceration, the convicted person will therefore serve this firm portion at a later date. And, subject to the decision of the judge responsible for the application of future sentences, under the regime of semi-liberty or electronic surveillance at home.

“His work is his lifeline,” argued the lawyer for the accused

“For many alcoholics, work is a lifeline!”, argued Mr. Alliez in defense. Heard on this point, the lawyer allowed her client – admittedly convicted – to to nevertheless escape incarceration as soon as his trial is over.

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