Dua Lipa is considering a collaboration with Madonna

Dua Lipa envisage une collaboration avec Madonna

Dua Lipa wants to team up with Madonna on a new title, having admitted that the “queen of pop” is his inspiration.

In march, the british singer came out for his latest album, Future Nostalgia, a drive to be “strongly influenced” by Madonna, according to his manager, Ben Mawson, who told the magazine Music Week trying to get the two stars occur in pairs.

“This is without doubt the pop star par excellence and it is obvious that this album is heavily influenced by Madonna. In fact, we are on the point of try to have Madonna on a disk. I’ll send him an email and see if she is willing to do a piece of Dua. But Dua has everything you need, so it has a unlimited potential”, he revealed.

Dua Lipa, who is 24 years old, has recently confessed that she would like to do a long career in the pop, the Material Girl 61-year-old. “I want to do it as long as possible, she said Chelcee Grimes in the podcast What We Coulda Been. I have the impression that Madonna has reached its peak at 40 or 45 years and has made the best pop album known, and it continues to just crush it.”

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