Duck found with a knife stuck in its neck

Duck found with knife in neck


An association for the defense of animals in the west of France has been trying for several days to save a duck found with a knife stuck in its neck. 

The waterfowl is well known to residents of Saint-Nolff, where it has its habits in a pond.

“We are trying to save him, but we still haven't managed to catch him. Even the firefighters failed,” explains the president of the Pinocchio and Sauvageons association, Sophie Martins, who filed a complaint in this story.

According to Ms. Martins, it is possible to see the blade of the knife protruding from the other side of the neck.

The association has published several videos of the animal which seems to continue living its life as if nothing had happened.

“No vital organs were affected otherwise he would be dead. We can still see that he is embarrassed, but he eats and continues to fly , hence the difficulty in catching it,” Ms. Martins told 20 Minutes.

If the association manages to catch the duck, it will be entrusted to a center care for wildlife to be operated on.