Due to the melting of glaciers has awakened dangerous viruses

Из-за таяния ледников пробудились опасные вирусы

The number of glaciers on the planet continues to decline.

Global warming followed by melting of glaciers leads to the awakening of the bacteria and viruses that cause dangerous archaic disease, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Ukrainian news.

So, in the Arctic found a virus by the age of 30 000 years, who woke up because of climate change and melting of soils in the permafrost regions.

“Frozen soil – the perfect place for bacteria remained alive for long periods of time, perhaps millions of years”, – stated in the message.

According to the National data center USA with snow and ice since the beginning of the twentieth century the number of glaciers shrank. For example, in a National Park USA glacier, established in 1910, the number of glaciers has dropped from 150 to about 30.


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