Duel of the sorcerers between Daniel Radcliffe and J. K Rowling, accused of transphobia

Duel de sorciers entre Daniel Radcliffe et J.K Rowling, accusée de transphobie

The british actor Daniel Radcliffe, who embodied on-screen Harry Potter, joined Tuesday to the criticism aimed at the author of the saga devoted to the small sorcerer, J. K. Rowling, accused of transphobia for a tweet.

During the weekend, the novelist has shared on Twitter an article talking about “people who have their rules,” commenting ironically ” I’m sure we would have had a word for these people. Somebody help me. Feum? Famme? Feemm? ”

It has attracted the ire of some internet users, who reminded her that men, transgender people could have their rules, such as transgender women did not.

Even if J. K. Rowling ” is undoubtedly responsible for the course that my life has taken, I feel obligated as a human being to say something in this moment “, said on Monday Daniel Radcliffe in an open letter published on the website of the association LGBT The Trevor Project.

“To all the people who have the feeling that this has tarnished their experience of books, I am deeply sorry,” added the actor of 30 years.

It rather calls to remember “what was valuable in these stories” as “the power of love” and ” diversity “, or the fact that ” the ideas of dogmatic purity will lead to the oppression of vulnerable groups “.

“I love and I know trans people, but erase the concept of sex takes away a lot the ability to talk about their life in a relevant way “, has justified the author 54 in a tweet.

“If the sex is not real, there is no homosexuality. If the sex is not real, and the reality lived by the women in the whole world be erased “, she added, sparking an outrage.

“Trans women are women “, has hammered in back Daniel Radcliffe. “Any statement to the contrary erases the identity and dignity of transgender people “.

J. K. Rowling has already been charged with being a transphobe. In December, it had expressed its support for Maya Forstater, a researcher dismissed for tweets deemed transphobic on a government project to let people declare their own gender.

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