Duhaime calls for the lifting of all sanitary measures

Duhaime calls for the lifting of all sanitary measures


Conservative leader Éric Duhaime wants a “return to normal” in the province and demands the lifting of all health measures that he considers ineffective since they have not prevented the current crisis.< /strong> 

“There is no fun in Quebec, we have abolished pleasure here for too long. It is time to put Quebec back on the normality of things”, he declared, Wednesday, at the National Assembly, at a time when the number of hospitalizations due to COVID-19 has never been so high. high.

Pointing to the situation in the United States, where images of packed football stadiums come from, and in England, where the government is preparing to announce the end of health restrictions, the former radio host believes that the measures put in place by Quebec must also be lifted.

Burden of proof

According to him, the Legault government has not proven that they could be effective since, despite two years of crisis, Quebec is back to where it started. “The burden of proof rests on whoever violates the freedoms of citizens, and unfortunately Mr. Legault has not yet shown us,” he said.

The former radio host therefore pleads for a “gradual” deconfinement, starting with the immediate abolition of the vaccine passport, a measure that is not scientifically founded according to him, and the reopening of restaurants.

“It makes it's been going on for two years, at some point there has to be a way out of the crisis. It takes a light at the end of the tunnel. We have Quebecers who are desperate. We have mental health problems like we probably never had in our society,” he insists.

To caregivers on the front line, in hospitals, Éric Duhaime says to “stop thinking that, because we had a two-week curfew, [that] makes their work easier”.

Encouraged by the polls

Encouraged by the results of a Léger poll published on Wednesday according to which the PCQ garnered 22% of voting intentions in the Capitale-Nationale region, Éric Duhaime has confirmed that he intends to run there in the next election.

In order to avoid losing support once the discontent towards the government and the health measures have passed, the Conservative leader says he wants to do reform of the health care system its “main battle horse”.

“The public monopoly no longer has its raison d'être. As you know, we want to establish competition in health. We want to add the private contribution. We want to decentralize”, he recalled, positioning himself opposite to the other parties in the National Assembly, all “favorable to the current ineffective public monopoly”.

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