Dumping sewage in a field

Déversement d’égouts dans un champ

A former member of the “cartel of the sewer” and condemned on several occasions for environmental offences and who has already directed a company banned from public contracts, continue to use fraudulent practices.

A report of the Office of the inspector general (IG) of the City of Montreal unveiled Monday, blame severely the company Beauregard Environment Ltd. and its ” directing mind “, Michel Chalifoux.

According to the survey, Beauregard was charged a cleaning work of drains that have not been made.

In some districts, the business does not empty its trucks at the end of the day, and charged even more to their weight at the weigh-in following. It, therefore, has to pay the City up to five times with the same sludge from drains and sumps, according to the inspector Bridget Bishop.

With the help of a subcontractor, the companies Weighing, Beauregard would have also dumped illegally this sludge on farmland, Mirabel.

A sub-contractor of Beauregard has been caught trying to pour the sludge on agricultural land in October of last year, when it must be sent in a disposal site licensed.

Volunteer Mentor !

The BIG judge that even if the president of Beauregard, on paper, is Dany Fréchette, the” guiding spirit ” is her husband, Michel Chalifoux. It is even the latter, which answered to the questions of the BIG during the investigation, while it claims to be a ” consultant and mentor volunteer “.

Chalifoux and businesses that are linked to him have already committed a number of offences, has found our Office of investigation. However, this has not stopped them from continuing to get government contracts.

  • In 2004, Québec has obtained a permanent injunction for Chalifoux and his company stop reject of contaminants in the environment. The company had to pay a fine of 31 500 $.
  • In 2011 and 2012, Chalifoux Sani-Laurentides inc. and Michel Chalifoux have been accused of bid-rigging in the history of the ” cartel of the sewers “.

The competition Bureau had revealed that six companies were shared in 37 contracts municipal and provincial between 2008 and 2011.

The company pleaded guilty in 2016, but the charges against the officer have been suspended, so that only Chalifoux Sani-Laurentides has been recorded on the “black list” of the government, the business Register not eligible (RENA).

In its report released Monday, the inspector general emphasizes, moreover, that the businessman has transferred the management of Beauregard to his wife ” eight days after the filing of the charges “.

  • In 2014, Montreal has revoked the permit to discharge of Beauregard to have thrown the waste that is not allowed its sewage treatment plant. The company eventually paid a $ 25,000 fine in 2016, a few months after the City had awarded a contract for the rental of equipment close to$ 1 Million.

Major player

Montreal is far from being the only city to do business with Beauregard Environment Ltd. Dozens of municipalities and the ministry of Transport are among its customers.

In 2019 alone, it has concluded more than 20 contracts with government agencies, including contracts of more than $ 500,000 with Chambly and Pointe-Calumet.

Due to possible impacts to the province of Quebec, the oig notified the ministry of the Environment of his investigation last year. But according to our information, the record stomps to the ministry.

– With Elsa Iskander, QMI Agency

In addition to terminate a dozen of contracts awarded to Beauregard, the BIG request that Michel Chalifoux, and the company may not be able to receive contracts from the City for five years. An exclusion of three years is required for companies Weighing in.

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