Dupont de Ligonnès affair: will cans help identify the mysterious man who walked “without purpose and “without identity” ?

A woman reported to the Doubs gendarmerie in March that she had met a man resembling Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, wanted for 13 years for the murder of his family, the Besançon prosecutor said on Friday.

Two other people, who also encountered the same man, also judged "possible" that this man be "XDDL", specified Etienne Manteaux.

The woman who made the report thinks she may have come across Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès during a prayer vigil on March 9 within the community of Dominican sisters of Béthanie, in Montferrand-le-Château, 15 kilometers from Besançon.

The founder in the 19th century of this congregation is Father Jean-Joseph Lataste, whose idea was the "reintegration of female prisoners", said Mr. Manteaux. The prayer groups organized in the congregation mix lay and religious people of all ages, he added.

"One of the members came accompanied by a man named Jean, whose community Le verb de vie was dissolved in July 2023 and who described walking on the roads since then, without documents&# 39;identity", the magistrate told AFP, confirming information from the daily L'Est Républicain.< /p>

Hosted two nights

The man was hosted for two nights by the participants in the vigil, before setting off again on the trails.

On March 12, while the release of a book written by the sister of Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès was publicized, a participant thought she recognized the suspect's features in those of Jean. She went to the gendarmerie herself to make her report, adds Mr. Manteaux.

"Among seven people present at the vigil questioned, four think that it is not Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès at all and three, including the person who made this report , "say that it's possible that it is him, but none (of the three) formally recognize him", notes M. Manteaux, who opened a investigation for "search for the causes of the disappearance".

"The gendarmes were able to take elements, such as cans drunk by the visitor, which will be analyzed, which should make it possible to extract a DNA fingerprint. It can then be transmitted to the Nantes public prosecutor's office in charge of the investigation into the disappearance of Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès", continues the magistrate.

"This report is indeed subject to verification, like the 1,700 that we have already received", declared the public prosecutor of Nantes, Renaud Gaudeul. "I cannot communicate any more information to you at this stage and I must tell you that it is difficult for me to communicate to each new reporting. We have noticed an increase in reports in recent days, likely following the recent new media coverage of this case."

Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès is suspected of having killed his wife and four children in April 2011, whose bodies were found in Nantes under the terrace of the family home. He was never found. The investigation did not determine whether he was dead or on the run.

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