During a military exercise, Taiwan simulates an “invasion” of China

Lors d’un exercice militaire, Taïwan simule une «invasion» de la Chine

Soldiers in taiwan were simulated Thursday, during the largest annual exercise of shooting real bullets, an attack from the coast by China in a context of intensification by Beijing of its military pressure.

This exercise, which started Monday, aims to see how the armed forces taiwanese repousseraient a chinese invasion.

Beijing considers the island as an integral part of its territory could be retaken by force.

On Thursday, the scenario simulated a deployment of military means taiwanese (including fighter planes, warships and troops on the ground) pushing back an attempted landing on a beach in the city of Taichung.

About 8,000 soldiers took part in this exercise which the chairperson Tsai Ing-wen attended.

“He has demonstrated to the world our strong defence capabilities and our strong determination to defend Taiwan “, she tweeted.

Taipei lives under the threat of an invasion of China since the end of the chinese civil war in 1949.

In recent decades, the island has not ceased to be surpassed in numbers, but also in weapons by the powerful people’s liberation Army.

Beijing has stepped up its diplomatic pressure, economic and military to isolate the island after the election in 2016 of Ms. Tsai ing-wen, who rejects the chinese vision of a ” single China “.

Last year, chinese president Xi Jinping has delivered a speech particularly belligerent in the course of which he referred to the assimilation of Taiwan to the motherland of ” inevitable “.

In recent months, military aircraft, the chinese have flown over the island with an unprecedented frequency, in breach of several times its area air defence, leading Taipei to launch its own devices.

Western governments are becoming more reluctant to sell weapons systems developed in Taipei, for fear of arousing the wrath of Beijing.

This has prompted Taiwan to develop its own equipment, including missiles, ships and a new aircraft for training.

A part of these new means, one of which missiles, surface-to-air and hypersonic built locally, have been used in the course of the year this week, which lasts five days.

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