Dutch copy of Noah’s ark was useless

Голландская копия Ноева ковчега оказалась бесполезной

Instead of live animals on the ship were placed wooden figures.

The biblical story of Noah’s ark, perhaps, know all. The Lord told Noah to build a ship 300 cubits, width 50 and height 30. Based on these dimensions in the Dutch city of Flevoland was a replica of the ark, which is a length of 70 meters and a maximum width of 13 meters, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to the news of the world.

First, the owners of the ship wanted to have Pets onboard, but they stubbornly refused to rise. Only snake felt well inside the ship. According to the narrator AADA first ship I wanted to start swimming with the animals, but the plans had to be changed.

The ship was purchased by AMA in the believer, entrepreneur John Habers. It was he who built the ship in 2005, out of 12 thousand trees (pines and cedar). The ship sailed on the Maas river. At the moment the ark rebuilt in the Museum in which there are carved wood animals.

In the beginning of this year, it is worth noting, the ship suffered a serious crash when crashed into the pier of the village of URK.

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