Dwayne Johnson : 5 things you never knew (perhaps) not the actor

Dwayne Johnson : 5 choses que vous ne saviez (peut-être) pas sur l'acteur

Dwayne Johnson : 5 things you never knew may not be on him

This Sunday 26 January, TF1 broadcasts from 21h05 the movie San Andreas with Dwayne Johnson and Alexandra Daddario. Since he has dropped the catch, the one that was nicknamed The Rock goes to the movies. But do you actually know the actor ? Here are 5 things that you do not know can not be on him.

1. He was almost a professional footballer

Before being an actor, Dwayne Johnson has made himself known through his career in wrestling. Under the nickname The Rock, he has won numerous competitions and has been crowned 8-time champion of the WWE. But well before walking in the footsteps of his father and his grandfather who were both wrestlers, Dwayne Johnson had another passion : football. It is thanks to the talents of a player that he was able to study at the University of Miami with a scholarship (he graduated with a degree in criminology and physiology). He wanted to integrate the NFL (National Football League) but was forced to abandon his dream after a number of injuries.

2. It is a dad hen

It may be a picture of big hard but in the physique of Dwayne Johnson hides a bleeding heart. The actor is father to three girls. The eldest, Simone, was born in 2001 from her union with Dany Garcia. The two youngest are called Jasmine (born in 2015) and Tiana (born in 2018) that he had with Lauren Hashian, with whom he is married at the end of the summer 2019. “I realized that being a dad is the best job I’ve ever had, the best job I would have in my life. I always wanted to be a good father. I’ve always wanted to give them all the things that I seem not to have had, “he confided to Oprah Winfrey.

Dwayne Johnson : 5 choses que vous ne saviez (peut-être) pas sur l'acteur

Dwayne Johnson and daughter Simone

3. It is an old offender

The life of Dwayne Johnson might have been very different. It must be said that his adolescence was not easy. The actor has moved around so much during his childhood and, when he was living in Hawaii when he was 14 years old, his family was evicted from their apartment. In order to earn money to help his relatives, he turned to… the crime. He has participated in numerous flights on tourists and has been arrested 9 times before his 17 years.

4. His diet to fade

To have a body like that of Dwayne Johnson, you can’t improvise. And it’s better to see at the cinema than at home. And for good reason : he eats 7 meals per day. Yes, 7 ! Among the foods it prefers, one finds the eggs, the fish, the rice, the broccoli or the potatoes. He eats about 5000 calories per day is almost the double of what is recommended for a man. A diet essential to ensure its many training activities.

Dwayne Johnson : 5 choses que vous ne saviez (peut-être) pas sur l'acteur

Dwayne Johnson eats 7 meals per day

5. He has beaten a world record

And this is not one of the largest in number of meals per day ! In 2015, Dwayne Johnson is entered in the record book : during the preview of San Andreas, it took 105 selfies with fans… in 3 minutes ! A beautiful performance that has unfortunately been beaten since : the actor and singer Donnie Wahlberg has taken 122 selfies in the same time in 2016. So, when’s the rematch ?

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