Dynamo is the best team round of the UEFA Europa League for the efficiency of the game

Київське «Динамо» - найкраща команда туру Ліги Європи УЄФА за ефективністю гри

Photo taken from the site ua-football.com

The Dynamo played one of their best matches this season

The match against the French “Rennes” was the best game of Dynamo in the European cups under the leadership of Alexander Khatskevich.

Having won this match (3:1), Kiev, as it turned out, showed the best football in the 4th round of the group round of the Europa League among all participants of the tournament, the Zbirna.com.

The company estimates that the sports analysts InStat, the five best teams of the tour is as follows: “Dynamo” (Ukraine) – 301 score “Salzburg” (Austria) – 293, Lazio (Italy) – 293, Fenerbahce (Turkey) – 292, “the Arsenal” (England) – 291.

The Dynamo entered the top three of clubs tour on the number of chances (8). Only three teams took more shots on target than wards Khatskevich (7).

The best player of “Dynamo” in the match with “Rennes” was the midfielder of the national team of Ukraine Victor Tsygankov. Efficiency rating of his game InStat estimated at 372 points. This is the fifth result among the participants of the 4th round of the Europa League.

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