DZIDZIO has shown, as he prepares for the second edition of “Tanzu s with a stars”

Mikhail Khoma reported to the judges on the show completed homework

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DZIDZIO показал, как готовится ко второму выпуску "Танців з зірками"

DZIDZIO and Jan Cybulski

After a poor performance in the first live show “Dances with stars z 2019” DZIDZIO, aka Mikhail Khoma decided to work on the mistakes that he pointed out a celebrity judge. The actor posted a video to Instagram in which mastering ballet steps.

The phenomenon of DZIDZIO, see the short video:

In the first issue of “Tanzu s with a stars” pair DZIDZIO and Yana Cybulski failed to earn a high score. Francisco Gomez, Vlad Yama and Catherine Kuhar said uncertain movement Ziddio on the floor. The singer promised that the second live broadcast will be prepared better.

The social network DZIDZIO released a video which showed how to prepare in the project.

“Katerina Igorevna, homework in progress! It is difficult, but we try! Your air zemic will be my best reward! Children Hello! And I’m not sucking up,” wrote Jiji in the post.

You will manage the artist with the task, you will see this Sunday, 1 September at 21:00 on TV channel “1+1”.

We will remind that earlier it became known that the audience will see in the second issue of “Dances with stars z 2019”.

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