Early gray hair may signal health problems

Ранняя седина может сигнализировать о проблемах со здоровьем

It appears, not always it appears due to old age.About 5 causes of white hair doctor Komorowski said on his page on Instagram.

Where are the gray hair:

The first reason: geneticTendency to early grey hair may be genetic. That is, if your parents, grandparents, turned gray too early, it is quite possible that you will have the same fate.

The second reason: heart diseaseIs for men: the early appearance of gray hair can indicate an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. So, according to a recent study, gray hair is associated with an increased risk of heart disease in men.

The third reason: SmokingIf the person smokes or was previously a smoker, gray demonstrates the impact of this habit on the body. A study conducted in 2013 showed that smokers are twice as likely to appear prematurely white hair compared to people who do not smoke.

The fourth reason: lack of vitaminsin the Early gray hair can actually indicate a deficit of vitamins in the body and imbalance in power.

The fifth reason: “oxidative stress”the Hair follicles may suffer from “oxidative stress”. As shown by the same study in 2013, a massive oxidative stress due to accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicle, causes hair to bleach itself from the inside, which means the person is turning gray much before his time.

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