Earrings were selected from girls of Kharkov found through social networks

Отбиравшую сережки у девочек харьковчанку нашли через соцсети

39-year-old woman, were selected gold ornaments have young children and again detained in the Kharkiv region.

Crook, seeing a girl without adult supervision, began loudly to admire her decorations. And asked to give her view. Supposedly wants the same to buy my daughter. After receiving the jewels quickly walked away. So on may 11 in Bogoduhov she took the earrings have five girls, strolling with his 13-year-old brother on the street.

Detained her due to the mother of the victim. In social networks, she saw that one of Kharkiv wearer of the network sells the same earrings which were selected by her daughter. And pass this information to the cops.

Arrested announced the suspicion of fraud. But as it turned out, this is not the first criminal episode in her career. The woman had “heritage” in Kharkov (Novozabarska and Holodnogorsko areas) and Ljubotinskaya district of the region, where similarly deceived young girls. She is already under pre-trial investigation, told “the FACTS,” the inspector of Department of communication of the Central Board of national police in the Kharkiv region Anna Tretyakov.

Since the court released the suspect under personal obligation, she continued to Rob children. Currently, the woman threatens till three years of imprisonment, it is checked for involvement in similar crimes in Kharkov and region.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the Kharkiv police Department is investigating another series of similar crimes. Posing as a children’s choreographer, gaining girls at the dance Studio, the crook went to schools of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region and took away gold ornaments from first-graders.

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