Easter, 2019 in Ukraine when celebrating major religious holidays

Find out when Orthodox and Catholics celebrate Easter in 2019

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2 APR, 13:22

Пасха 2019 в Украине: когда отмечаем главный церковный праздник

Easter in 2019 to celebrate 28 April

Easter, 2019 in Ukraine, as in other countries, will be late. Find out the details when is celebrated the major religious holidays and how is calculated the date of Easter.

Easter 2019 calendar religious holidays

Easter is the most important and significant Christian event which marks the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection, the triumph of victory over death and purification from sin. This event is the Foundation of all Christian doctrine, the center of biblical history, as well as “the feast of feasts and triumph of triumphs”.

It is from the date of Easter is calculated the entire Church calendar year, Orthodox and Catholics. Many of the holidays included in the Easter cycle, is rolling. This means that every year the date of celebration varies depending on a number celebrated Easter. The challenge to such festivals and events include the Ascension, Trinity Sunday, Lazarus Saturday, and the lent Carnival and the feast, etc. And therefore a believer it is important to know when Easter in 2019 in Ukraine and the world.

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When Easter in 2019: date of feast of the Orthodox and Catholics

According to the Orthodox calendar, Easter 2019 will be celebrated on April 28. On the eve of the Great lent ends 2019, which is a solid preparation for all believers to the bright feast of the Resurrection of Christ. 2019 lent lasts 7 weeks from March 11 to April 27.

Easter 2019 Catholic and Orthodox do not coincides and is celebrated on different days, because these churches produce the calendar in different calendars: Orthodox Christians according to the Julian calendar and the Catholics – according to the Gregorian 2019 Catholic Easter is celebrated a week earlier than Orthodox on 21 April.

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How to calculate date of Easter

Why Easter day is celebrated on different days? The date of Easter is calculated each year according to the lunar calendar, which makes this holiday a challenge.

The celebration of the resurrection of Christ falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon that occurs after the vernal equinox. From these calculations it is seen that the range of the celebration of Easter in different years can vary from 4 April to 8 may.

Recall that we can not hallow on Easter, but what to put in the basket. In addition, we talked about krashenko: history and modernity the main symbol of Easter.

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Пасха 2019 в Украине: когда отмечаем главный церковный праздник

Пасха 2019 в Украине: когда отмечаем главный церковный праздник

Пасха 2019 в Украине: когда отмечаем главный церковный праздник


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