Easter Island open to tourism again

Easter Island open to tourism again


CHILE | Easter Island, a Chilean island territory in the middle of the Pacific famous for its monumental statues, on Monday lifted entry bans imposed two years ago to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  

A first flight with tourists on board, most of whom had booked before the pandemic in early 2020, will land at Hanga Roa International Airport, the island's capital, on Thursday. Tourism Undersecretary Veronica Kunze told the local press.

“We need to open the island, but we have to do it safely,” she said.

Before the pandemic, the island some 3,500 km off the coast of Chile, home to some 7,000 permanent residents, welcomed around 160,000 tourists a year on two daily flights.

The reopening will take place gradually. There will only be two flights per week and only people who are up to date with their vaccination schedule and who present a negative PCR test within 24 hours will be allowed to visit the island.