Eat our Saint-Laurent!

Manger notre Saint-Laurent!

RIMOUSKI – Less than 20 % of the resources harvested in the St. Lawrence river can be found in the base of the Québécois. The head Colombe St-Pierre wants it to change, and she even makes his new mission, with the campaign #MangeTonStLaurent.

It’s been nearly 20 years, Colombe St-Pierre is the promotion of “eat local”, as much to her restaurant du Bic (Rimouski) that in his tv appearances. The question of food self-sufficiency has also become a greater concern in the context of the pandemic COVID-19.

This is why it says again that it is necessary to eat local, and above all, we need to eat our Saint-Laurent. Because currently, 81% of lobsters, crabs, sea urchins and shrimp that are caught here are exported outside of Quebec.

Colombe St-Pierre believes that the St. Lawrence must first be a pantry for the Québécois. She therefore wants to contribute to a better awareness of our products of the sea to consume more.

“We have catching up to do. There are a lot of these resources then that we do not know, as one does not know to cook. This what the goal of the campaign is to ensure that Quebecers are reclaiming these resources there. There are people all over the world who are willing to pay a fortune for our products. I just want that we keep a little bit for us,” said Colombe St-Pierre.

The collective

Eat our Saint-Laurent, it is first and foremost a collective that exists since 2018. On his website, he gives a number of references to fish markets that sell local products, recipes ideas, information on the world of fishing and research.

With its campaign #MangeTonStLaurent, the collective also sends a message to governments that the products of the sea can also be fed to Quebec.

“It is a commitment to autonomy. This is not something you do because it is fashionable or because it has a little bit of time. If the consumer has never opened or tasted a sea urchin, it’s never going to buy. The project Eat our Saint-Laurent, it is what it is attack. The sea urchin, there’s no need to look like a bibitte foreign. The sea urchin, it is our identity, it is up to us”, concluded the head of St-Pierre.

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