Eat well at the restaurant

Bien manger au resto

Excited to return to your restaurants favorite ? As well, the restaurant owners really need. If my column last weekend dealt with the consumption of alcoholic beverages, this week, I suggest you analyze the best choices available on the menu !


The salads, the fact their colours are inviting, exude a healthy image. If they are certainly vibrant, some hidden well of calories, fat, carbohydrates and sodium !

A few examples :

  1. Caesar salad, format meal : 830 calories, 55 g of fat (the equivalent of 14 teaspoons of fat) and 1080 mg of sodium (47 % of maximum recommended intake)
  2. Salad thai chicken : 720 calories, 86 g of carbohydrate (the equivalent in carbs from about 6 slices of bread) and 1050 mg of sodium (46 % of maximum recommended intake)
  3. Chicken salad with pecans : 950 calories, 72 g of fat (the equivalent of 18 teaspoons of fat), 1460 mg sodium (63 % of maximum recommended intake)
  4. Salad Bangkok vegetarian : 960 calories, 106 g of carbohydrate (the equivalent in carbs from 7 slices of bread), 1730 mg of sodium (75 % of maximum recommended intake)

Contrary to popular belief, the salad meals do not always represent the best choice. The portions are so generous, that it takes a considerable amount of dressing to coat everything. It is as well as fat and sodium are rising rapidly. The moderate portions are often the best choice.

Options lightened

I love the option of taking two inputs. The portions are often sufficiently garnished to fill our hunger is real.

One of the two entries should contain a source of protein (plant or animal), a question to satiate enough.


  1. Gazpacho with grilled vegetables and salmon tartare sauce and croutons
  2. Salad tomato-mozzarella-basil and grilled calamari
  3. Beef Tartare and asparagus with toasted almonds
  4. Salad of fennel, oranges and olives, and spicy shrimp grilled
  5. Salad of spinach and mango and chicken satay with peanut

Many restaurants do not offer more bread on the table, others make their bread and are happy to offer several choices to customers. If you opt for two entries based on vegetables and proteins, the bread can very well complement the meal, especially if it is flour that is whole. We however, attempt to limit themselves to a single bread. Eat the bread during the meal, and not waiting for the service, facilitating the consumption reasonable. A single butter (equivalent to 5 ml) or the equivalent of a teaspoon of olive oil per serving is sufficient to enhance the whole.

The options of wine sold by the glass are also numerous. One to two glasses are definitely a good addition to the entries above.

People with energy needs largest will feel more satisfied if they opt for a starter and a dish or even a main dish and a dessert. In this case, one avoids combining inputs and dishes that contain both starches. Pasta or risotto and as an accompaniment to a protein source rather than a main meal, are a good option. The Italian restaurant, the pasta, served as a primi piatti, thus serving fort reasonable, are also interesting. They may be followed by a meat or fish and vegetables.


  1. A cold soup and a grilled chicken and its accompaniments seasonal vegetables and wild rice
  2. A salad of arugula and a veal cutlet served with pasta tomato sauce
  3. Remoulade of celeriac and guédille lobster and shrimp
  4. Grilled vegetables of the season and the black cod, crushed potatoes
  5. Beans for a salad and grilled scallops and quinoa with small vegetables


The host tables are not the best options. Without hunger real, we always end up eating the dessert, simply because it is included in the price. It is better to choose from the a la carte options. You are not satisfied and would like to finish with a little sweetness ?

A few good options :

  1. Verrine of cottage cheese and berries
  2. Ice-cream sundae with sorbet
  3. Custard and coulis of blueberries
  4. Mini apple crumble and cinnamon
  5. Pear poached in port wine

If a dessert more decadent you sounds enticing, why not share both ? A nice way to end on a small sweet note without adding disproportionately to the balance sheet calorie !

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