Eating disorders: Requests for help have increased since the start of the pandemic

Eating disorders: Requests for help increase since start of pandemic


With the pandemic and the lockdowns, almost all of us have gained a little weight, although for the most part, it has no real consequences. For specialists, however, we are overwhelmed with requests to treat an eating disorder.

“It's overflowing everywhere,” Lola Tournayre, clinical coordinator at the LoriCorps laboratory, at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières (UQTR), told TVA Nouvelles on Friday.

Containment is a huge challenge for those who live with a dysfunctional diet. “A lot of stress. With teleworking, we have daily access to the fridge. […] We are also confronted, with Zoom, with our body image, ”added his colleague, Francisca Bourbeau.

Antoine Gervais is well aware of food problems. His problems arose while he was doing a bachelor's degree in physical education.

“During the day, I learned all that it takes to be in shape, to be healthy, and in the evening, I am the first to remove the starches from my plate. It's contradictory, but it's stronger than anything,” he admitted.

According to a survey carried out last November by the National Institute of Public Health, last November, 37 % of respondents said they were more concerned about their weight than before the pandemic. Young people are no exception.

“We have more requests for the program, from the age of 10, 11 and above all, a distress that is more intense,” confirmed Ms. Tournayre.< /p>

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