École Pierre-Dupuy: painful end of the online session

École Pierre-Dupuy: pénible fin de session en ligne

For the past three years, The Newspaper observes the course of a dozen graduates of the high school Piere-Dupuy, which has already been one of the most homeless of Montreal. We follow them for five years.

Most of the graduates of the école Pierre-Dupuy that The Newspaper follows for five years and have found it laborious to finish their session of study at a distance because of the pandemic, to the point where some have abandoned the course, or thought to repel their entry to the university.

At the beginning, Aram Mansouri appreciated to be able to get up at 8: 29, before switching to an online course… to 8: 30.

“I said to myself : finally, I could sleep more “, he says.

And then the containment is stretched, to the point where a good part of the course university and college will also be online next fall.

“Okay, but then, I don’t want it. I want to see my classmates “, is in a hurry there.

Due to the pandemic, many have lost their jobs or been irritated by the isolation of the containment. But for the most part, the main impact of the COVID-19 has been forcing them to adapt to distance education, the majority has found it difficult or demotivating.

“I really hated it. I almost cancel my year [in the fall] because of it “, said Bianca Goudreault-Beaupré, who will begin the university in psychoeducation, in September.

Moreover, it is the decision taken by Rafiul Haque, who has cancelled two of the four courses at college that it remained for him to complete the program of the sciences of nature, leaves to continue to fall.

“It was horrible. I tried for two weeks… Listen to the teacher talking all alone… “, he begins, sighing.

“I like to be present, talk to people,” says the one who was known to be rallying at the secondary level.

“Completely dropped “

Marion Caucanas, she held on and eventually adapt to, but at the price of great efforts.

It was precisely to gain confidence in his technique, physical rehabilitation, when the pandemic arrived. One of her internships has been converted into exercises to do at home.

“I was completely jettisoned. I had lost all my bearings, ” she says.

A noise in the house was enough to distract. His schedule was no longer punctuated by trips to the college or the study time at the library.

“I had to learn to concentrate for me. It has cut into my procrastination “, she confesses, laughing.

Some have seen benefits to study at a distance. Before the confinement, Jimmy Lam tended to be “loosely” organized, to just listening in class. Distance-learning courses pushed him to be more structured.

Eugenie-Laurence Fafard-Drareni was even “impressed” by the speed with which its faculty has moved online.


Half of the young people that follows The Log are always uncertain of their career choice, but are increasingly accepting the idea of not knowing what the future holds.

After briefly started a legal technique in the fall, Jasmine Trudel Valcour is about to enter the university in criminology in the fall.

“I hope that it’s going to be it, because otherwise I’ll have to find me another “it” “, she summarizes.

Many participants had already caused a surprise a year ago by changing the channel or program. This year, rare are those for which the fog is dispelled.

“But it does not worry me “, grade Eugenie-Laurence Fafard-Drareni, who has just completed her first year in law at the university.

Everything not to contaminate their family

  • Bianca Goudreault-Beaupré, 20 years
  • Come to the university in psychoeducation

Because of the health crisis, she had to make a cross on the physical contact with her boyfriend, and redouble our vigilance in order to not contaminate his grandfather, 73-year-old, with whom she lives.

“I washed so much my hands as it burned me “, she says.

As she has never stopped working in a pharmacy, the pandemic has been a great source of stress… and still is.

For three months, she has not been able to see her boyfriend, with whom she is in a relationship for more than three years, since he was also a person at risk in his family.

“It was one of the hardest things of the containment “, she confesses.

With the déconfinement, they were finally able to start to see it in person, while keeping their distances. With a possible second wave of infection that approach, it is not known how long this period will last.

“Just thinking about it, I feel like crying,” says the one who has to almost live a distance relationship… so that her boyfriend lives very close, on the South Shore.

She keeps the cape

Zayane Valcour, 20 years

  • Come to the university primary education
  • It is one of the few to keep the cap on his career plan initial.

When the announcement of a possible containment fell, it was in a history class. “The teacher said : “There now, that is a true moment in history” “says the one who has been impressed by the aspect of” post-apocalyptic ” streets deserted.

Containment family

  • Jasmine Trudel Valcour, 20 years
  • Come to the university in criminology

“[The pandemic], I see this as a way to start fresh. You’re free to start again where you wanted to. “

The fact of living at home with his parents has given him the opportunity to live the confines of family. With the return of one of his brothers who lived in Australia, she found the large tables that filled his childhood. “My mother said to me : “I think I’ve seen the past two weeks that in the last six months”. “

Become ambidextrous

  • Jimmy Lam, a 20-year-old
  • Will his technique in radio-oncology

He passed the containment in family, his parents having had to close their restaurant. He took the opportunity to try things that he would never have had the idea to do it normally, like use his left hand when he is right-handed. Not easy to eat with chopsticks, ” he says, laughing.

At work and in love

  • Thierry Trudel Valcour, 21 years old
  • Will continue to work as a bartender at Rimouski… or as the manager

He dreams of creating his beer, he would serve a day in his restaurant. It was questioned during the confinement, the bars being heavily affected.

“A chance that it is not this year that I opened my [brewery] ! “

He fell in love with a Rimouskoise and is now in a relationship. “We love each other a lot,” he smiles.

Passionate about markets

  • Rafiul Haque, 20 years
  • Will continue in the natural sciences at the cégep

His passion for the currency exchange market is what has held this year. “I put 16 to 18 hours per day to learn. “He is persuaded to become a millionaire one day, but still plans to study mechanical engineering. He is also very proud of his new Honda Accord 2013 that it has magasinée for eight months. “A first car” dream, ” he said.

Win insurance

  • Marion Caucanas, 20 years
  • Will continue its technical, physical rehabilitation

“I was in control of me,” said the one who was able to overcome stress to a large review that incorporated all the material seen since the beginning of its program. She has also done its first stage of scale in a CHSLD before the confinement. “It is difficult to remember the time when I was going to school. It seems so far away […] A year has gone by so fast, but strangely long. ”

On the labour market

  • Mylie-Anne Laurin Quezada, 20 years
  • Will begin to work as a technician in special education in Montreal

She is the first to enter the market of work in the field for which she studied. “The university, I know that I want to go there, but I don’t know in what program. “She intends to spend the next year working and to complete his basic courses at the cegep level.

She now lives in an apartment with her boyfriend.

Happy to Quebec

  • Eugenie-Laurence Fafard-Drareni, 19 years old
  • Will continue at Université Laval in law

“I’m so flourished in Quebec city “, when it was moved to the fall. “In Montreal, I was too much in my comfort zone. “She was involved in his student association. And, although she respects the rules and is delighted to see the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the desire to travel starts to itch, ” she says.

A long journey

  • Aram Mansouri, 20 years
  • Continue at the university, but in physiotherapy, optometry, or dentistry

The last I heard, he was 23rd on the waiting list in optometry. “But I try not to think about it,” he says.

He is happy with his first year of university in biochemistry, but he realizes that the practice of a profession concrete is of more interest than the idea of becoming a researcher.

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