Economic recovery: the government Legault tabled a bill to have a free hand

Relance économique: le gouvernement Legault dépose un projet de loi pour avoir les coudées franches

QUÉBEC | The government Legault has filed Wednesday a massive bill aimed at accelerating investments in infrastructure to revive the quebec economy severely affected by the crisis of the COVID-19.

The Coalition avenir Québec hopes to pass this monumental piece of legislation, referred to it as a bill “omnibus” by the opposition, by the adjournment of parliamentary proceedings, the 12th June next.

It provides, among others, to alleviate the expropriation procedures for some large-scale projects as has been done for the construction of the tramway in Quebec city.

It would also bring amendments to the Law on the quality of the environment in order to accelerate the process that it provides.

If it is adopted in its current form, this bill would also allow the government Legault to extend the state of health emergency declared on march 13, and this, until he decides to end it.

The president of the treasury Board, Christian Dubé, was to clarify the impacts at a press conference scheduled for 13 h, Wednesday.

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