Economic recovery: the opposition blocks the passage of the bill 61

Relance économique: l’opposition bloque l'adoption du projet de loi 61

The draft law on the recovery of the economy has faced to the blocking of opposition parties in Quebec city, who saw it as an indirect means for the government Legault, to arrogate to themselves the powers excessive.

The PLQ, QS and the PQ refused to consent to the adoption of the principle of the bill 61, a step that is usually a formality in the blue Room. “The principle of this bill, this is the following: to grant extraordinary powers to the government, is abusive, according to several of our guard dogs institutional. This principle, madam president, it is flawed, it is problematic for us”, summed up the parliamentary leader of Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, to justify his opposition.

Filed last week to an adoption tomorrow, the legislative measure would allow the government to circumvent the usual rules of granting of contracts for work on the otc, and to extend the state of health emergency for an indefinite period of time. Quebec wanted to be able to quickly launch 202 infrastructure projects to revive the quebec economy, which is suffering from the pandemic of COVID-19.

In front of the sharp criticism was heard by the parliamentary commission, the president of the treasury Board, Christian Dubé, has tabled twenty amendments on Thursday morning. These included limiting the extension of the state of sanitary emergency until the next October 1st only. Another article stated that the exceptional powers for the granting of a contract would be entrusted to the municipalities, rather than in Quebec.

These changes have not convinced the opposition parties.

Avoid losing the summer of 2020

“Our goal, by dropping quickly to the project of law n° 61, it was to be able not to lose the summer of 2020, and then to be ready, also, to ensure that projects are ready for the summer of 2021, and then the summer of 2022,” said prime minister François Legault in a press conference, shortly before the rejection of the bill in the blue Room.

Mr. Legault provides do not want to impose the gag to force the adoption of its legislative and this spring, because of its late filing. He promises to return to the charge next fall. “Of course, that next fall, we will have more time [to] explain it and we will, at that time, to have an approach that is different,” he commented.

But on the side of the liberal Party of Quebec, it is argued that it is impossible for the government to impose gag rules on health current. To do this, Québec is expected to convene the 125 elected officials in the blue Room. The national Assembly works to 37, and now, thanks to an agreement with the opposition parties.

More details will follow…


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