Economic stimulus package : social housing among the priorities of the BTMM

The social and affordable housing has received a supporting, rather unusual on Wednesday.

The Chamber of commerce of metropolitan Montreal (BTMM) has estimated that the increase in the supply for such housing is a priority for reviving the economy in montreal and quebec.

It is estimated that the quebec government should invest to improve the housing, a critical economic infrastructure.

“The rapid growth of the economy of the metropolis had the effect of exacerbating tensions on the housing market for the past few years. All analyses converge on the urgency of finding solutions to invest more in the provision of social and affordable housing,” said Michel Leblanc, president and chief executive officer of the BTMM, by way of a press release.

“This is yet another perfect example of the priority projects that must start without delay,” continued Mr. Leblanc.

The BTMM has identified six other strategic projects in the recovery of the economy.

First, there is the expansion of the Palais des congrès de Montréal, which will attract more major conferences and trade fairs. “An obvious priority” for the Room, because the expansion will have significant economic benefits as soon as it is finished”.

“You must go forward now to recover as quickly as possible our competitive position on the market of business tourism for north america “, stated Michel Leblanc.

The BTMM also asks the federal government’s investment for the Port of Montreal and the development of its new terminal Reluctantly, as well as to the Montréal-Trudeau airport, which was in full growth before the health crisis.

The BTMM is estimated that the proposed extension of the REM between the airport station and the VIA Rail is also a priority.

The Is and the transit

The development of the East of Montreal, is also a priority, according to the Chamber of commerce. To make a pole of green technologies, large-scale, the decontamination of the land must move forward.

Finally, the transit should also be part of the priorities, in particular with the extension of the blue line of the metro, and the authorization-awaited extension of the orange line between metro Côte-Vertu and the REM.

These projects “are part of a strategic logic that will strengthen the ecosystem once the crisis is over” and “it’s important to start quickly to generate economic activity and jobs,” believes Michel Leblanc.

The BTMM request “to the three orders of government to commit without delay to put in place the conditions for their fulfillment and to give them the green light”.

“In times of great economic uncertainty, the public investments must compensate for the temporary decline in private investment. It is then necessary to do it quickly and do it well,” said Michel Leblanc.

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