Ed Sheeran prepares his return … as a DJ

Ed Sheeran prepares his return … as a DJ

Britain’s Ed Sheeran plans to embark on a career as a DJ. The singer is set to follow up on his surprise December track, “Afterglow,” with a remix of his friend Passenger’s song, “Sword From the Stone,” released in 2020.

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And rather than signing the single with his own name, he would release it under the title Gingerbread Mix. The remixed song, originally written during the 2020 lockdown, will be released on January 15, according to UK newspaper The Sun.

A source claims that Ed Sheeran and Passenger, real name Mike Rosenberg, have been “friends for years” after meeting as a teenager, but this is their first official collaboration.

“They were still great friends and when Mike asked if Ed would be willing to work with him he said yes right away,” a source told the newspaper. Getting together in the studio wasn’t much of an option in 2020, but Ed has produced this new remix of “Sword From The Stone” and they both love it. “

Passenger previously opened for Ed Sheeran, most notably during his Divide tour in 2019. Fans are now hoping that Ed Sheeran will release a new album this year, although he has announced that it was not for the moment not on the agenda.


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