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Ed Sheeran thought about suicide after the death of his friend Jamal Edwards

Ed Sheeran thought about suicide after the death of his friend Jamal Edwards


Ed Sheeran has come a long way.

Last year, the singer went through several ordeals that made him want to end his life. 

Around February 2022, the “Shape of You” singer lost his best friend, Jamal Edwards, and then his girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn, was diagnosed with a tumor while she was pregnant, and finally, he was sued for plagiarism.

A series of dramas that left him with “the feeling of not wanting to live anymore”. 

An “awkward feeling”, as he confided to “Rolling Stone”, the musician feeling “selfish” to think of himself above all. 

“You are drowning under these waves. You're like in it and you can't get out of it,” he added.

Cherry Seaborn was diagnosed at six months pregnant. She was able to be operated on for her tumor after giving birth to their second daughter, Jupiter, last May. 

Ed Sheeran won his case for plagiarism. The singer managed to get out of depression by starting therapy, on the advice of his companion.

“No one really talks about how they feel where I come from. People find it weird going to see a therapist in England… I find it really helps to be able to talk to someone, to let go of what's on your mind and not feel guilty about it. TO DO. I have an ultra-privileged life, so my friends always think it can't be that bad,” he explained.

And d add: “Getting help is not a magic button that you press and you get better right after. It's something that will always be with you and that you have to learn to manage.”

Ed Sheeran has also turned to writing to vent his emotions, which he reveals in his new album which will be available on May 5.

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