Edgar and his ghosts

Edgar et ses fantômes

It’s still a strange coincidence. A funny coincidence.

At the same time that Quebec was shaken by a wave of denunciations of acts of a sexual nature, at a time when some are screaming loudly that ” the justice system does not work “, that same justice system comes to find Edgar Fruitier, guilty of two counts of indecent assault.

A man, white, was facing charges in court, and the court has believed… his victim.

It seems to me anyway, that there is food for thought.


When Hugo Dumas La Presse asked Safia Nolin why she was not sent to the police to lodge a complaint against By Morin, but had chosen to express himself on Instagram, she responded that she did not believe ” the current justice system that favors white men, and heterosexual “.

In this case, it means you have to say that mr. Fruit, the top of its 90 years, despite his status as a media personality hyper known, comedian, music lover and host loved and respected, has not really been “promoted” ?

Have you read what the man a victim of a Fruit said to his exit of the courthouse ? He encouraged sexual assault victims to denounce their abusers.

He said : “All the world believed me. It has done me good “. And he added : “It’s been already 46 years that I have waited for this. I am relieved. I can’t explain what I feel, but thank you the judge of me to have believed. It is wonderful. Thank you to the team of prosecutors and police who believed me “.

Is it that our system is perfect ? No. Does it get better ? Yes. The proof of this ? Last month, bill 55 abolishing the period of limitation in cases of sexual assault has been adopted in a record time, and by the unanimous vote.

At QUB radio, I interviewed Shirley Christensen, a survivor of an assault by a priest, Paul-Henri Lachance. For her, this news was like a balm on his injuries a little girl.


There is another thing that appeals to me in the folder of Edgar Fruitier. The fact that his victim is a man.

Since #agressionnondénoncée, then #metoo and once again with this new wave of denunciations, it has (almost) exclusively spoken about women victims.

Yes, I know that statistically men are only a minority of victims. But tell that to a teenager who was made to enter the penis three times by an adult in whom he had confidence. He doesn’t care, to him, of the statistics.

In addition, all specialists will tell you, lodge a complaint for an assault of a sexual nature is very difficult for a man because the “implications” about his orientation or his ability to defend himself are the greatest.

The humiliation is greater. “A man, it defends itself “.


The heart cry of the victim of Edgar Fruitier, should open the eyes of all the world : yes, the word victim includes the masculine.

And yes, when one takes as it takes, justice can be rendered in a fair manner by 2020.

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