Edit your images with Google's new AI-powered photo tools

ÉEdit your images with Google’s new photo tools. artificial intelligence


The Magic Editor feature, introduced at the Google I/O developer conference, allows users to edit specific parts of their photos, such as the foreground or background, and even reposition subjects to obtain better framed shots thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. 

Additionally, it allows users to remove unwanted elements from photos, such as people or objects, and adjust the composition by dragging the subject to another location in the image.

< h3>Overall photo enhancement

Magic Editor's computer-aided editing capabilities are similar to Apple's Image Cutout feature for iOS 16 which isolates subjects from the background. blueprint for various creative applications.

However, Google Photos focuses on improving the overall quality of photos rather than providing editing tools. Magic Editor's AI algorithms aim to create natural-looking, well-composed images without appearing heavily edited or AI-generated.

Integrated with Google Photos

In addition, Magic Editor can fill in gaps in images using generative AI techniques. For example, if a subject is off-center in a photo, the user can reposition it and let the AI ​​generate additional elements, such as extending a bench or adding balloons.

This feature is comparable to those found in other photo-editing apps like Lensa or Photoleap, but Google Photos integrates it into its main photo-organizing app, eliminating the need to download it separately. /p> Example of photo editing using AI tools

Magic Editor available later this year

Google plans to launch Magic Editor on a trial basis later this year. It will be available on select Pixel phones first, and user feedback will be key to improving its performance. While it's unclear whether Google will charge for this feature in the future or make it exclusive to Pixel devices, it's possible that Magic Editor will become a benefit for Google One subscribers, much like the Magic tool. Eraser introduced earlier.

Google is no stranger to AI-based image editing. Magic Eraser already lets you remove unwanted subjects, while Photo Unblur brings sharpness back to choppy images. Magic Editor, however, goes even further. This technology adds content that did not exist and allows you to retake shots that were not perfectly composed. Of course, you can manipulate the photos with editors like Adobe's Photoshop, but this function is both simpler and included in the photo management application.

1.7 billion edited photos monthly

While further details on the underlying AI technology and its development timeline have yet to be released, Google stresses the importance of Google's user base Photos, with over 1.7 billion photos edited each month. By leveraging generative AI and advanced editing capabilities, Magic Editor aims to improve users' photo editing experience and produce high-quality images within the Google Photos ecosystem.