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Edith Butler celebrates her 80th birthday

Édith Butler turns 80


Never, ever does Édith Butler celebrate her 80th birthday with her loved ones on Wednesday evening at the small bistro at Espace Quatre-Saisons at the foot of Mont-Orford.< /p>

After a happy hour in the bubbles, the fifty or so guests went to dinner, but also for a completely private show overflowing with love and talent.  

Édith, a true phenomenon , does not age, it is getting younger and it has again renewed elements of its musical style that we feel more “rock” with the same originality and the same intelligence in the lyrics. When she sings, she tells stories that are atypical, authentic and often earthy.  

And when she does not sing, she still tells herself. This woman, instinctively and voluntarily, asks only to distribute joie de vivre around her. The years do not weaken her.

For her 80th birthday, she received a visit from her friend Diane Juster.


She is now surrounded by five musicians and I would be surprised if Julie Jasmin (violin), Dominique Lampron (sound engineer), Philippe Girard (guitarist), Maude Bastien (drums) and the conductor (guitarist) Louis Thibault are over 35 years old. . When Edith is added to the harmonica, it's simply brilliant. In a new wind and it can be heard. 

Mrs Butler has fought and overcome four cancers and when she explains how she got through one of these ordeals, the story ends with a laugh even though she suffered the removal of one of her two breasts.  


Edith Butler is an open book of rich chapters and we are not surprised to realize that this artist has succeeded in seducing and bewitching the planet. First in New Brunswick, Quebec. in the rest of Canada, in the United States. It has also offered more than 500 performances in Japan and enjoyed enormous success in Paris, England and Ireland.  

She builds, she renovates and, for her birthday, she asked to receive gifts of screws, nails and nuts. In the morning, she leaves her house in the Eastern Townships and calls her friend, a crow she has named Bacon. He loves bacon. With the greatest seriousness in the world, Edith talks about the sad pandemic that has afflicted us for more than two years and one of her hardest observations is the number of hugs, hugs, cuddles missed during this time. During the worst of COVID-19, she lost her 98-year-old mother, Lauretta.


There is also a touching sweetness.  

When she performs the song I tell you thank youwho is a magnificent, sincere and big thank you to his accomplice Lise Aubut for the last 49 spent together, it grips your heart, you shiver and your throat knots. A true love letter also to those she loves, to her audience.

Edith and her life partner, for 49 years, Lise Aubut.

Édith Butler surprises us with her origins. While French Acadie was being mistreated, Edith's grandfather, John Le Boutillier imitated several French-speaking compatriots like the Godins who became Goodwins, the Leblancs who became Whites. Mr. Le Bouthilier decided to become a Butler to ensure he had a job. Why the name Edith? The same as the midwife who saved his life when he was born. All love stories.

The lady who was decorated with the Order of Canada, the Order of New Brunswick, the Order of Merit of French Culture and I passe will be on tour in Quebec starting next October.

It's Bacon who will be bored!

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