Edward Furlong returns to the role of the son of Sarah Connor in the sixth “terminator”

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton will also play in the film

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Эдвард Ферлонг вернется к роли сына Сары Коннор в шестом "Терминаторе"

Edward Furlong will play John Connor. Shot from a film “Terminator: judgment day”

In the new movie “Terminator: Dark destiny”, footage from the shooting of which is already on the Internet, returning Arnold Schwarzenegger as T-800, Linda Hamilton in the role of Sarah Connor. We now know that actor Edward Furlong is back on the big screen in the movie “Terminator: Fatum” (or “Terminator: Dark destiny”). He again will play the son of Sarah Connor.

Find out how Arnold Schwarzenegger took a walk around Los Angeles in costume and makeup of the Terminator:

It should be noted that producer James Cameron announced personally via a video message about the return of John Connor in the performance of Furlong.

In the Director’s chair is the Director of the first “Deadpool” Tim Miller, who works under the guidance of Cameron. In the role of old stars in addition to the busy Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Diego Boneta and Gabriel Luna. The latter plays a modernized version of the liquid terminator T-1000 who preys on the character of Reyes.

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The new film will be rated R like the old duologue. The release is scheduled for October of this year.

Recall that in the network appeared the trailer for the sci-Fi Thriller “Terminator: Dark destiny”, which only recently were the details. Also already there are the first poster of the painting.

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