Effective Communication in a lost war

Communication efficace dans une guerre perdue

If it is a battle that the prime minister, Legault has won, it is that of communications. However, the same can not be said of his war against the coronavirus.

Although he has tried to relativize awkwardly the loss by mentioning that apart from the CHSLDS, the Québec got on well, the head caquiste is aware that the time of the accounts will come.

The popularity that it enjoys is at risk of weakening when a robust balance sheet management of the crisis will be done. Thus, one understands better his speed to overhaul his cabinet to appease the grognes that will arise. However, it is not guaranteed that the manoeuvre will be safe.

Admission of failure

By ejecting Danielle McCann of the ministry of Health, the prime minister made to wear the blame for the failures in the crisis management. In faithful soldier, she takes the shots for his general. Yet, it is the entire government that has not been at the height of the face of the crisis.

What has been said the trio Legault, Arruda and McCann, Québec was not ready and was slow to organize to curb the pandemic. Of tactical mistakes major are produced.

The lack of protective equipment for caregivers, the transfer of patients from hospitals to NURSING homes and the employees who work at more than one institution have led to one of the worst balance sheets as at the global level.

The neglect of previous governments and the week break is not enough to explain the magnitude of the disaster in quebec. The nursing staff placed in inadequate conditions is transformed into a vector in the spread of the disease. The government caquiste is fully responsible for this state of situation !

It will not go better

The cabinet reshuffle has something to leave us dubious.

If McCann was not the height at the ministry of Health, his replacement does not bring a table of hunting, more impressive in his previous roles at the treasury Board.

The bill had an abortion to speed up the recovery of the economy, negotiations with doctors, specialists, and employees of the State are an accumulation of failures for Christian Dubé. After all these setbacks, the first minister-he hoped really that it domptera the monster’s health ?

The appointment of Sonia LeBel on the Board of the treasury appears before you as a deposit legal to to swallow the remnant of the bill 61. It is far from certain that his righteousness will stand the derogations regulations that the prime minister would like to multiply.

With regard to the negotiation in the public sector, its coming to market, not a more meaningful dialogue in the light of its first notes and the messy created by his predecessor in the folder of the orderlies.

Nathalie Roy and Jean-François Roberge were not more brilliant than mrs. McCann in their respective departments and would have deserved it, like it, to go for a ride elsewhere, but it would have been too great a confession of incompetence in government !

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