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Egg launchers identified by shell barcodes

Egg launchers identified by shell barcodes


Police used ingenuity to track down four youths who were throwing eggs at cars from an overpass over a highway in southern France. 

The story began on January 25 when several motorists traveling on a highway in Occitania alerted the authorities after receiving eggs on their windshield, according to < em>La Dépêche.

With no witnesses and no surveillance camera, only a few empty egg cartons remained at the scene of the mischief when the police arrived. It is thanks to the producer codes of the shells and the pieces of packaging left behind that the authorities were able to identify the producer, who was able to inform them about the supermarket where his merchandise had been purchased.

The police were then able to view the store's surveillance cameras. Four individuals who had bought 80 eggs half an hour before the misdeeds have thus been identified.

A 19-year-old young man must go to court and three other minors are summoned to court of the Judicial Protection of Youth.

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