Eggsquis restaurants offer perishable food

Forced to close following the directives of social isolation decreed by the government of Quebec, the region’s Eggsquis restaurants have chosen to distribute their perishable foodstuffs to the population who feels the need.
The milk, yogurt, bread and fruit were donated on Thursday in the parking lot of the lunch and dinner restaurant on King Street West.

“We want to directly help people who are hit by job losses with the closure of certain businesses and businesses due to the coronavirus. We wanted to give the food to parents who need help. We wanted to give direct help to the world. If there is food left, we will then distribute it to food banks, ”explains the manager of the region’s Eggsquis restaurants, Louis-François Morel.

Nearly 1,000 breads, several cases of fruit and many liters of milk were offered.

“We give everything that cannot be frozen and needs to be consumed quickly. It is food that was paid for and that suppliers cannot take back. From there, we decided to help our employees, the world around and then the food banks, ”says Morel.

The vehicles followed one another near the Eggsquis truck, Thursday afternoon, to benefit from the generosity of the owner Billy Stergiou.

“My partner has just lost his job for at least two weeks. We will take whatever is possible in this most difficult period. This generosity of the restaurateur is much appreciated. A friend had published this ad on social networks and with a child at home, I’m going to take everything that goes by, ”points out Stéphanie, a citizen who benefited from this gesture of generosity from Eggsquis restaurants.

Stéphanie, a citizen who benefited from the generosity of Eggsquis restaurants.
Stéphanie, a citizen who benefited from the generosity of Eggsquis restaurants.
The 43 Eggsquis restaurants in Canada have temporarily closed their doors following the implementation of government directives. In Estrie, around thirty employees per restaurant find themselves temporarily unemployed.

“We have been closed since Wednesday morning. We are analyzing the situation day by day. We followed the wave to reassure our employees and our customers. We hope to be able to reopen this weekend, but nothing is certain. We are in communication with the MAPAQ, which dictates the government directives that we must follow. Before closing, we took all possible hygiene measures by disinfecting our hands every fifteen minutes. At one point, it became difficult to respond to all customer requests in this sense, so we decided to close so as not to run any risk. We don’t know how much this closure will cost us, ”says Morel.

Food donations are expected to continue on Friday in Magog and at the King Street East branch.

“We have emptied only two out of five restaurants in the region. It will continue so as not to throw anything away, assures Louis-François Morel of the Eggsquis restaurants in the Eastern Townships.

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