Egypt: a student killed because she refused the advances of a man

Egypt: student killed for refusing advances from man


CAIRO | Egyptian prosecutors announced on Tuesday that they had detained a young man accused of killing a student outside his university because she refused his advances, a crime that caused an outcry on the social networks of the most populous of the Arab countries.

The alleged murderer from Mansoura, 130 km north of Cairo, was “placed in preventive detention for four days as part of an investigation into the premeditated murder of student Nira in front of her faculty”, indicates the prosecution in a press release.

On social media, a video released on Monday was widely shared, with netizens claiming it shows the young man stabbing Nira before being apprehended by passers-by.

The accused “admitted to having killed the victim because she refused to have a relationship with him”, adds the prosecution.

Several witnesses, including the victim's father, reported, according to the prosecution, that the young girl had already reported the facts and said she feared an attack from the accused.

On social networks, some called for “society as a whole to take better care of its children”, others claimed that “it never happens again”. “Everyone must be careful of others to avoid this kind of horror film”, wrote a web user.

In Egypt, women feel that they are regularly exposed to violence and above all harmed by the law , in a country where the spread of a rigorous vision of Islam since the 1970s and conservative traditions have had an impact on the evolution of women's rights.

At the beginning of 2021, the government had even proposed — without success — a bill aimed at restricting the rights of the nearly 50 million Egyptian women by allowing, for example, their father or their brothers to annul their marriage.