Eight States take the opportunity to restrict the right to abortion

Huit États en profitent pour restreindre le droit à l'avortement

Eight States of the United States take advantage of the pandemic coronavirus to restrict women’s access to abortion, denounced on Wednesday the expert of the united nations.

These States ‘ use of extraordinary measures taken to combat the pandemic – that suspend the medical procedures deemed non-essential or urgent to limit the access to the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, according to the working Group on discrimination against women and girls, consisting of independent experts.

The Group has cited the Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.

“We regret that (these) States, which have a long history of restrictive practices vis-à-vis abortion, manipulate it seems this crisis in order to restrict drastically the reproductive rights,” said the vice-president of the Group, Elizabeth Broderick.

The independent experts do not speak on behalf of the united nations but by investigating the UN’s mandate and to submit reports to un bodies.

“For many women in the United States, the ban on abortions during the pandemic will delay the abortion beyond the legal limit” or make ABORTIONS “totally inaccessible”, said Elizabeth Broderick.

The women will be obliged to go into other States, in disregard of their health and safety instructions, stressed the expert, for whom the procedures related to abortion is a health care essential and must remain accessible during the crisis of the Covid-19.”

Restrict access to information and services relating to contraception and abortion “is a violation of human rights” and “discrimination inherent” to women.

The group, composed of five experts, has been put in place by the Council of Human rights of the united nations in 2010.

Its position has received the support of two other UN independent experts: the special rapporteur on the right to physical and mental health and on violence against women.

The authorities of Texas, followed by several other States, conservatives have decided to prohibit all abortions, to reserve hospital beds and protective equipment to the sick of the Covid-19, and their caregivers.

But a federal court of appeal then ruled that Texas could not include the abortion drug in the list of “non-urgent” prohibited during the crisis.

Other federal courts have prevented the Alabama’s or Oklahoma’s in particular, to suspend the right of women to abortions during the health crisis.

The country remains deeply divided nearly 50 years after the legalization of abortion by the supreme Court.

If the States of the East and West coasts ensure a relatively easy access to ABORTIONS, the States that are more religious in the South and the centre have multiplied the laws restrictive, forcing many clinics to close their doors.

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